As announced by Total Waterpolo, our parent organization, TXWaterPolo is live. Be sure to follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram, and share with friends, family, and fans of water polo in the Lone Star State.


Total Waterpolo, a leader in American water polo coverage for over a decade, is proud to launch TXWaterPolo, a new media brand dedicated to covering the sport in Texas, one of the fastest growing areas for the sport in the US. The soft launch comes as the 47th year of high school water polo begins and the first NCAA varsity program since the mid-70s completes it’s first year of competition in the Lone Star State.

TXWaterPolo will maintain Total Waterpolo’s emphasis on the written word with ambitions for streaming and video production, podcasting, rankings, history, online forums, and more. Austin resident and Total Waterpolo founder James Smith will lead the effort with help from a variety of advisors from throughout the state, including North Texas’ Chris Cullen, and Houston’s Jeff Otten.

Total Waterpolo published its first blog post in 2008 and became one of the leading names in water polo coverage throughout the US.

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