While a gaggle of kids age 12 and under descended on Houston for the (biggest ever) Dare to Dream Tournament, the varsity women of Austin College will be tested very soon by some of college’s best programs. We talk with Head Coach Mark Lawrence about what training has looked like so far and expectations for this coming season, which gets under way at Brown on January 31.

Plus, Luis Nicolao, Head Coach at the US Naval Academy, is headed to Houston and will lead a one-day camp.

All that, more about what’s coming up on the calendar, and Joe’s dog shares its opinion of the show with a massive yawn.

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2 thoughts on “‘Roos on deck, Dare to Dream, and Nicolao’s coming to TX”

  1. Is there a page that identifies the regions and districts and all of the high schools that particpate?

    1. There are a lot of resources available regarding high school water polo here. If/when we receive a document that lists all the teams that participate we will share it. But you can also consult the regional web sites listed on the page linked above.

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