We are living in strange times.

As the COVID-19 pandemic makes its mark on Texas and the rest of the world our small, tight community of water polo athletes, fans, coaches, families are dramatically affected too. We discuss what we know as of Tuesday knowing full well that events are changing by the hour. What’s been cancelled? What have school districts decided so far? What will happen to the high school season? Joe and James cover those issues and many others.

We also have a long conversation with Natalie Benson, Head Women’s Water Polo Coach at Fresno State, a two-time Olympic medalist and recipient of the Cutino Award for the best collegiate player in the US. We talk about her rise in the coaching ranks, how the pandemic has affected her young team, and her daughter provides us with a hilarious promo.

It’s entirely likely you’re a bit cooped up with not a lot to do. So here you go, an extra long and special TXWaterpolo show to keep yourself sane.

And wash your hands!

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