Since 1972 has high school water polo been played in the State of Texas, and over nearly five decades of competition there have been some standout individual teams. Now’s your chance to vote for your favorites in our Best of Texas High School Tournament.

We pit teams often from different eras against one another in 16-team brackets. Over the next few weeks you will have the chance to choose your favorites and each week the poll will be updated to reflect your choices. The polls will remain open until each Tuesday morning.

The field is a diverse one, so if you’re looking for some insights about how the teams were selected and why they stood out listen to our latest podcast, where you’ll hear Joe Linehan dissect each team competing in the first round.

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4 thoughts on “Vote Now in the First Round of the Best of Texas High School Tournament”

  1. 1 Did Sterling win State in ’91 or was that the year Humble demolished them? I get that year and the adjacent year when they took out Strake for the Championship mixed up.
    2. Has anyone besides Jennifer Mcferrin(Humble) been a State and NCAA champion?
    Your game is cute, though.

  2. How come the men’s 2000 Clear Lake team not make it on the list? We went 23-0 that year.

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