Justin Pudwill ended a hugely successful 10 years at the helm of Whittier College’s men’s and women’s water polo programs to make his Houston return and take advantage of some slightly lower home prices compared to pricey SoCal.

His journey started in Huntington Beach though, and he and Joe talk about the transition from surf-crazy HB to playing polo for the legendary Mac MacDonald at Sterling.

Then, an unexpected drive with his mother to West Virginia to continue his water polo career at the NCAA level. And just a few years later he rose in the coaching hierarchy to take over the program at Division III Whittier, one of the few Texans to ever earn such high acclaim.

Plus he offers sage advice to those aspiring to play in college, discusses his style of coaching, and recalls some of the best high school teams of his day (including his own).

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One thought on “Pod Special: Former Whittier College HC Justin Pudwill”

  1. Damn! I just saw this. Wow, this is what happens to successful Cali coaches – they end up in Texas! Looks like the future for high school / age group polo in the Lone Star State is great… is college play that far behind?

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