Over 1100 votes were cast in the first round of our Best of Texas High School Tournament pitting teams from different eras against one another. Check out the updated brackets here.

The quarterfinals are now set and polling is open!

One thought on “Polling Open for Best of Texas Quarterfinals”

  1. I hesitate to comment because it probably sounds like sour grapes. But the best girls team ever was eliminated by another Sterling team – Cy-Creek 1999. This team had the MVP, #3, and #6 on first team All-State, plus two others on the 2nd team! Two of the girls were college MVP’s, two others were NCAA Division 3 All-Americans, and another broke the 200 butterfly record at Notre Dame. The only loss this team had was against St. Agnes early in the season. When I listened to the podcast, this team wasn’t even mentioned in the conversation – only how good the Sterling team was. I know this idea is just for fun, but there is a little pride involved.

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