AquaTex is going back to practice! James’ team may be the first in the US to actually get back to training, and is likely the first in Texas to do so. He and Joe talk about the technical aspects of actually doing training and how it will be so profoundly altered by the restrictions placed on human contact. Bittersweet news.

Then we talk about the (not hugely surprising) sweep by the ’07 Baytown Sterling teams in our Best of Texas tournament. Both their boys and girls ran away with the titles making them the… Best of Texas! Huge appreciation to all those voters out there.

And we spoke with a member of that 07 boys’ team, Zayne Belal, who was honored as TISCA Water Polo Player of the Year while winning the 2007 title, followed by three national championships with one of the dominant teams in NCAA history, the USC men.

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