Amidst some historic turmoil we offer our little show to, perhaps, give something more hopeful to think about.

We stick to our water polo roots with an encouraging discussion of the programs that have plans to get back in the pool, and a team that is ramping up operations in Fort Worth, an area with tons of potential for growth.

Then, on to our Best of Texas Tournament II (polls remain open!), which features some of the fine programs from San Antonio, which excelled in the 80s.

So there’s no better time to hear from two athletes who played on rival high school teams, Marshall and Clark, in that era. Chris Olvera and Jim Linehan faced off as respective members of those top-tier teams as San Antonio teams dominated much of the decade in prep water polo. They share their memories of those championship years, plus thoughts on the fall and rise of the sport in the area since its heyday.

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