Today’s show features a conversation with Jonathan Landero who has led the rapid rise of aquatics, including water polo, in the Rio Grande Valley. He talks about how he got to where he is, the future of aquatics in his region, and – in an interchange charged with tension – about how his PSJA team tied James’ Round Rock HS boys a couple years ago.

That’s preceded by a bunch of Joe and James going over the calendar for the next few weeks, including a show hiatus (vacation time!). Plus, more on Covid, more on growth in the state, and James scolds Joe for not mentioning the show in another podcast on which he was a guest last week.

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2 thoughts on “Pod: Jonathan Landero, calendar updates, and Joe does another podcast”

  1. Great interview with Jonathan Landero! I live in Brownsville which is located in the lower R.G.V. We have six high schools( Brownsville I.S.D.) and a natatorium designed to have water polo practice and play. I look forward to having water polo sport development in our school district. Keep up the great job txwaterpolo!

    1. Our conversation with Jonathan has already become one of the most quickly downloaded shows we’ve done. And we look forward to huge growth in Brownsville as do you. Thanks for listening and telling a few friends about the show.

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