Joe and Steph are having a baby. There, we said it right up front.

We gush about the huge news for a good chunk of time before moving on to the end of the Austin College men’s season and the start of Texas’ high school one.

Then, why speculate about what has been happening up in Sherman what with Covid, impassible ice, a drained pool, and a comically abbreviated season? We talk with the man who would know best, Head Coach of the men and women at Austin College, Mark Lawrence, who updates us on two trips to California and reveals some bombshell news that this season the ‘Roos weren’t welcome at two rival institutions because they’re from Texas. Coach Mark won’t tell us which schools but… we’ll find out. #allarewelcomeintexas

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One thought on “POD: Austin College’s Mark Lawrence, Texans Unwelcome, Another Linehan”

  1. I know this was about a year ago, but did we ever figure out which two teams didn’t want Austin College coming to play because they were from Texas? Curious mind wants to know

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