St. Mark’s lived up to its TXWaterpolo top ranking and defeated a very game Dawson High School to win its 9th boys’ state title in Cy-Fair last Saturday. We talk with a soaked Trent Calder, first-year head coach of the Lions, about his comeback win.

And the summer schedule doesn’t resemble anything like what we saw in 2020 for understandable reasons. We talk about the packed schedule, including JOs in North Texas and ODP Regional Championships a week from now.

Austin College’s women earn a top-25 ranking as the NCAA season closes out with a big title win for USC.

And we’re cutting back. It’s the summer, Joe and James are traveling and busy, so look for semi-monthly shows augmented with interviews and other features to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on in our great state.

Happy summer, everyone.


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