UIL water polo will be here before we know it and both Joe and James are getting questions from athletes and families who want to know the process behind getting their schools to field teams. Joe get in the weeds of it so that parents and athletes can get that process under way for 2022 or 2023.

Plus, Austin Ringheim is MIT’s head coach, has strong connections with Texas, and has just completed the 2021 season with an appearance at USA Water Polo’s Collegiate Division III Championship tournament in Southern California. We speak with him about a (kinda) return to normalcy this past fall and the hurdles he faces at a school with some of the most challenging academic requirements in the world.

And because someone asked, links below to the intro, outro, and interstitial music we tend to use. (Thanks for listening!)

Happy Holidays everyone.

Colors, Beck

Luxury, Mull Machine

What You Were, The Drums

Play Dead, Björk


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