[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ULKVow7LY0″ /] USA Water Polo’s introduction-to-water-polo program has relaunched in 2018 with a well-rounded approach to skills and water safety.  Designed for athletes ages 5-11, Splashball brings all the fun, exciting aspects of the game in a safe, non-contact, shallow-water aquatic experience.  Beyond the fun in the water, Splashball now provides additional instructional support to those offering the program at a shared venue or part of their current cub structure.

The dedicated Splashball webpage (SplashballUSA.org, click here) includes the Splashball curriculum, a coaching manual with 8-week coaching plans, introduction-to-refereeing materials, game/skill cards, and testing mechanism/certificates of completion.  Additional online video tutorials, a “how-to” brochure, and details on club models are all part of the program and are available at the Splashball website. Many of these materials are available electronically or in print, allowing clubs and multi-sport organizations a progression plan with objectives, skills, drills, and sample practice plans for each level.

Splashball Online Resources

For more information on Splashball in the Southwest Zone or Texas, please contact Joe Linehan at 713-705-0945, joelinehan@usawaterpolo.org